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Saturday, December 08, 2007


Wonderful and whimsical Swedish bird resurfaces at your local Urban Outfitters no less. I don’t normally like to add to the consuming nature of our culture but I make exceptions for books….and well, I challenge you to find another book on Olle Eksell, famous Swedish graphic designer from the Swedish cocoa box! Information in English on this famous Swede is practically nonexistent! All the text in this one is in Japanese with a tiny bit of Swedish, having been published by Pie Books, 2006. Thank heavens for Pie! Who cares if you can’t read the text? Who else can do such wonderful things with sausages, birds and chocolates among other things? The pictures alone are enough to entertain the imagination and warm the webbed feet of the rare bird in all of us. So Run! Fly! to your nearest Urban Outfitters. It’s only 40 bills and worth every cent! Here is some more Olle just for you, including the cover of the this book.

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